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Students Awarded Inaugral BRAKE QCE Point

Students have completed the approved BRAKE course receive one QCE Point

In 2009 the Queensland Studies Authority approved one point towards the Queensland Certificate of Education for students who complete the approved BRAKE course.

The point was offered this year for the first time and a number of year 12 students at various schools offering BRAKE completed their BRAKE studies and have been awarded the point.

The locations where students live who received this point reflect just how large Queensland is, but also the spread of BRAKE. The geographic locations are spread over 1100 kilometres North to South which is truly incredible.

Well done to those students who have earned the point – and of course to all those students who undertake BRAKE.

A special thank-you to our wonderful schools and teachers who provide the BRAKE program, and of course to our communities and sponsors who ensure our young people can access BRAKE.