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Southport High School Students make film for BRAKE with Gold Coast Blaze players

Our two BRAKE Gold Coast Blaze Ambassadors kindly volunteered to make a film

In my earlier blog I hightlighted the valued and ongoing support of Gold Coast Blaze in partnering BRAKE to help lower the young driver road toll. Their support is incredible and greatly appreciated. Part of the BRAKE course includes outlining to young people issues with tunnel vision and distraction through use of film aids. Our two BRAKE Gold Coast Blaze Ambassadors kindly volunteered to make a film for this reason and two more players, Jason Cadee and Shaun Gleeson also volunteered their time to help.

We needed six players for the video and we all decided that we’d like two students from Southport State High School, a BRAKE school, to join in with the players.

Year 11 students Harley McKinnirey and Joshua Bishana were the lucky students. Blaze kindly presented them with Blaze outfits and on Wednesday 20 October 2010 we all met at the Sports Complex at Southport High School and shot the piece. Harley and Joshua got to meet all four players and shoot a few hoops as well as do the film with them.

The film is a vital piece in the BRAKE program, and the one being used was quite old. To be able to re-shoot it with Blaze players, together with Harley and Joshua is a massive plus for us.

We really want thank Chris and Adam as the BRAKE Gold Coast Blaze Ambassadors and also Jason and Shaun for taking time out of their busy schedule to help us.

As you would all know Jason was unfortunately injured in a car crash earlier this year and suffered quite serious injuries and has had the long hard slog of getting back his health and fitness to continue playing. Jason has kindly offered to do a further piece for use in BRAKE due to his experience.

The help of Southport High School was invaluable in all the filming we did on Wednesday and I really thank them. Harley and Joshua, thank-you for your time as well. I hope that you enjoy the game through the tickets that Blaze so kindly gave you as well.