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New BRAKE Web-Site

We are quite excited about this new site as it opens up so much

Welcome to our new web-page – we are quite excited about this new site as it opens up so much, not only for BRAKE, but our members, sponsors and our community as well. Over the last few weeks a significant amount of work has gone into creating this new web site by Info-Onscreen. This new site is quite extensive – with yet more to come.

It never ceases to amaze me the wonderful people that I continually meet through BRAKE who want to help our community – and do not seek or ask for benefit or reward for themselves.

Feel free to browse the site, we have provided quite a bit of information on BRAKE under the various tabs.

We have also provided links that we hope will be of use to both young drivers and parents on various subjects, such as obtaining a drivers licence in Queensland, insurance, statistics and used car safety ratings. There are also links to agencies that may be helpful for such things as driving instruction or how to enrol in first aid courses.

Speaking of first aid, I can’t stress enough how important it is to undertake a first aid course. Please use our link to the Queensland Ambulance Service to find out how you can do this.

We have also provided an extensive number of research papers for those wishing to research young driver road safety. We have provided this research not only to assist you if you wish to check what the researchers say, but also as a research location for those people wishing to research young driver road safety.

When I started researching this subject I found that it could take up quite an amount of time identifying quality research papers and actually obtaining them – unless you already knew titles and authors. So I hope that by us providing them like this it provides some assistance to people in this area.

The surveys that we will now be able to hold on line will be a great source of information and feedback for us at BRAKE, as we are care greatly about your feedback and what you think.

I hope that you enjoy the new site – visit us often as it will be undergoing change.