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Gold Coast City Council continues sponsorship of BRAKE

This is the third year that GCCC has sponsored us and we are extremely grateful to them

The Gold Coast City Council has continued sponsorship of BRAKE on the Gold Coast this year. This is the third year that GCCC has sponsored us and we are extremely grateful to them and proud that a council such as GCCC considers us worthy of such wonderful support. Our grant this year was $25,000 in order to continue the schools already delivering BRAKE on the coast, but also to assist other schools to come on board.

When GCCC came on board three years ago we had four schools and with their wonderful support we now have over 17 schools delivering BRAKE to their students. This will mean that in 2010 over 1,500 Gold Coast young people will take part in BRAKE, which is absolutely fantastic. In 2011 we look forward to working with our schools and students, and new ones coming on board. These students join over 1,500 previous Gold Coast students who have undertaken BRAKE.

We look forward to staying in contact with these young people, as we do with all our young people. We look forward to hearing how their lives develop over time, their safe driving practices, post-high school activities, the types of cars they buy (highlighting that they bought for safety and not looks!!) job outcomes and above all else their spreading of road safety amongst their peers – just like those who undertook BRAKE in the past.

We at BRAKE absolutely love reading this feedback from students who have completed BRAKE over the last three years.

I really thank GCCC for such wonderful support and encouragement – and mostly what they are doing for Gold Coast ypoung people, families and the Gold Coast community.