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BRAKE’S 2010 Program

A lot of work has been completed by members of the BRAKE family over the last few months to produce a 2010 BRAKE program

We held a BRAKE symposium in 2009 to obtain feedback and views from many people involved with BRAKE. The Greenbank RSL was kind enough to sponsor the two day event for us. The participation and idea sharing was fantastic and has assisted us greatly in updating the program – and making it even better.

We also sought and received feedback from participants, teachers and sponsors throughout the year and this was also incorporated into the program.

The 2010 program will be more user friendly for teachers, as well as far more visually friendly for our students and will be available on disc or secure download from our website.

The 2010 program is quite exciting in its presentation and appearance and we are sure teachers will enjoy the ease that video files will now play.

A menu for easier use has also been included in the program.

Peter Smith was instrumental in making these changes possible and we thank him for so many of his hours and expertise.

We are looking forward to seeing the 2010 program in use, and are keen, as always, for feedback and ideas from anyone involved in BRAKE on the new program.