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BRAKE Gold Coast Blaze Ambassadors

Gold Coast Blaze announced the appointment of two BRAKE Gold Coast Blaze Ambassadors Greg Vanderjagt and Chris Goulding

On 22 December 2009, Gold Coast Blaze announced a partnership with BRAKE with the appointment of two BRAKE Gold Coast Blaze Ambassadors – Greg Vanderjagt (No 21) and Chris Goulding (No 43). Our national Ambassador, Noni Hazlehurst, welcomed Greg and Chris to the BRAKE family at the home of the Gold Coast Blaze, the Gold Coast Convention Centre at Broadbeach.

The partnership with the Gold Coast Blaze is fantastic for BRAKE, but also for young driver road safety, and road safety in general. I see the partnership as a significant milestone for BRAKE and our young people.

Not only are Greg and Chris great players, they are incredibly nice guys who are passionate about young peoples road safety in our community. Noni, Greg and Chris filmed some clips for inclusion in the BRAKE course and we look forward to more filming with them. Keep an eye out for the boys – tell us what you think – is their acting at the same high level as their playing?

We look forward to more proactive activities with the Gold Coast Blaze as well as possible visits to the BRAKE schools in the area by the two Ambassadors (time permitting in their busy schedules) to say hello to students and to spread the vital young driver road safety message.

There is more information on the boys and Gold Coast Blaze in the news section on this site.

We will be establishing a Gold Coast Blaze photo section on our site – focused mainly on Greg and Chris as our Ambassadors.

After you’ve seen Greg and Chris, why not go along to a home game and watch them play, or watch via the live stream on the Gold Coast blaze website. Not only are both extremely talented elite athletes-they also play an incredibly exciting style of basketball.

I must specifically thank the Gold Coast Blaze CEO, Mr Dave Claxton, for all his support and determination to assist BRAKE in reducing the young driver road toll and his dedication to helping our young people in our community. So thank-you Dave.

The Sales and Marketing Director, Mr Gary Parkes, has also been wonderful in the assistance he has provided to BRAKE. No questions has ever been too small or hard that he has not taken the time to help us with.

Finally, Kylie Carson, the PR and marketing liaison from Gold Coast Blaze – the BRAKE link with Blaze, has been great to deal with and no end of assistance to us.

Big Joe – I’ll leave to another blog!!