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BRAKE gets Gold Coast City Council Funding

$25,000 for BRAKE in existing schools and to continue the uptake of new schools

BRAKE recently received a grant from Gold Coast City Council for $25,000 to continue both schools currently providing BRAKE and to continue the uptake of new schools.

The GCCC has continued to be a major sponsor of BRAKE on the Gold Coast and we thank them for their ongoing and much appreciated assistance in bringing BRAKE to the Gold Coast.

As you would all be aware BRAKE relies solely on sponsorship and community support in order to provide the program free of charge to our students in our schools.

Such wonderful support from the GCCC ensues that we can continue to provide our award winning program to students, schools and the community on the Gold Coast.

The assistance of the GCCC in helping the Gold Coast community is greatly appreciated and goes to the core of the BRAKE philosophy of our communities keeping our young people safe on our roads.