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Big Start for BRAKE in 2012

Not only are schools and teachers committed to students – they are committed to road safety and our communities

BRAKE has had a big start in 2012 with continuing and new schools. We thank those schools continuing BRAKE for their students and communities, and welcome our new schools on board.

The quality of teachers involved with BRAKE is excellent, and we thank them for their passion and committment. Not only are the teachers committed to students – they are committed to road safety and our communities. It really is a pleasure to work with such wonderful people.

The feedback that we receive from teachers on the effect that BRAKE has on students is very gratifying and we know that this is achieved in many ways due to the teachers themselves, and of course the school environment.

The feedback that we also receive from teachers on stories that are shared with them about how BRAKE has helped students – both past and present – stay safe on our roads is also very heartening. These outcomes ensure that our young people remain safe on our roads – and pass to others that are with them at these times, increasing the culture of road safety among our young people. Importanly it also shows that BRAKE works. That is works is why we do BRAKE – that is, to keep our young people safe on our roads.

One reoccurring theme is the reports of engagement between students and parents/guardians in discussing road safety. We at BRAKE strongly believe that parental involvement in road safety with their children cannot be overstated. Research continually supports findings that the more parents/guardians discuss and actively take part in their childrens road safety – including, and perhaps most importantly, the learner driver and immediate post-licence stages, the more their children may practice road safety. That we at BRAKE, and I include all those involved from our volunteers to teachers, administrators to advisors, can increase engagement between children and parents/guardians in road safety is very satisfying.