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The BRAKE Driver Awareness Program was developed with schools in mind. The program is constructed and presented in a way that, with in-service training provided by BRAKE, teachers within schools can facilitate the program.

BRAKE is sponsored by the community – where support and sponsorship have been provided, BRAKE is provided free of charge to schools. All materials, curriculum resources and in-service training are provided to those schools who wish to implement BRAKE. The only proviso to this is that the school must be in an area where BRAKE is sponsored so that BRAKE, together with the community and school can support and provide the BRAKE road safety message, not only to students and their parents but also within the school and the community itself. So in a way, there is a total road safety focus within the community.

BRAKE would also suggest that if BRAKE is not within your school’s area if you are interested in implementing BRAKE in your school you may wish to garner not only the schools’ support but the wider community and business in your area. Those areas where BRAKE already has a presence may be viewed on the home page. At present BRAKE is established in five Local Government Areas.

There is a small cost per student to participate in BRAKE. BRAKE prefers a no-cost model for schools and students as we believe that all students, no matter their social standing or location, should have access to BRAKE. This is why we suggest schools approach seek community and business support. In fact, schools can create and nourish support within their community to commence BRAKE within their school. Where schools cannot obtain funding the school and/or students will be required to pay the cost.

Should you wish to discuss the implementation of BRAKE into your school further, please feel free to contact us here at BRAKE through the various means in the contact details tab.