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Community groups support BRAKE in so many varied and important ways and their tireless efforts, and of those individuals who make up these groups, cannot be overstated.

There are various ways that community groups can assist to implement BRAKE within their communities. This assistance can range from approaching schools to gauge their interest in implementing BRAKE in their schools to cash donations directly to BRAKE to implement the program with their community, as well as voluntary assistance in spreading the BRAKE community road safety message – focusing primarily on our young drivers. Community groups can also assist in garnishing business support and sponsorship as well as that of all levels of government.

An example of a community group taking an active role in the implementation of BRAKE within their community is Mudgeeraba Rotary on the Gold Coast. They actively promoted BRAKE in the area, provided invaluable assistance, resources, cash donations and networking. After two years BRAKE is well established on the Gold Coast with wonderful support across the board and many schools involved – as well as a number of community courses being held. This would not have occurred without the invaluable foresight, involvement and assistance of Mudgeeraba Rotary.

Other community groups provide much needed assistance to our young people. Whilst BRAKE is aimed at schools, community groups involved with young people can also implement BRAKE within their group. Provided the community support BRAKE within that area and a suitable facilitator within the community group is available to be trained, BRAKE will provide materials, software and training to the community group.

Due to the facilitation required with BRAKE courses a suitable facilitator within a community would require a minimum of an equivalent in Certificate iv in training, or be assessed by a BRAKE trainer as being suitable within that group. A further example may be a person with strong and recognised respect among youth and who has established ability to provide facilitation of the type BRAKE requires.

We at BRAKE firmly believe that all young people should be able to access BRAKE and community groups dealing with people who may not be able to otherwise access BRAKE are a wonderful way of making BRAKE available to our young people and the community.

Service groups provide valuable assistance in allowing their communities access to BRAKE. Service groups can sponsor community programs to allow those young people who may not attend school, or whose schools do not provide BRAKE, access to this multi-award winning program. On the Gold Coast Currumbin RSL continues to sponsor community courses at their club. They sponsor and provide refreshments and meals to young people and then sponsor the parents/carers program directly afterwards.

In the Logan area the Greenbank RSL not only sponsors community courses through provision of a venue as well as refrecshments and meals for both the participants and parents/carers courses they provide direct financial sponsorship to BRAKE for the western Logan City Council area

As you most likely have gathered, community groups and service clubs are pivotal in implementing BRAKE into communities not only through sponsorship of a coordinator who will then manage BRAKE within the community, but also in engaging the community to assist them in reducing young driver road trauma.

If you are a service group or community group and wish to discuss BRAKE within your community, please feel free to contact us by any of the methods in the contact details tab.