Government & Academic Support

BRAKE is an approved part of our road safety solution

Thousands of year eleven students in schools throughout Queensland have completed the eight-part BRAKE Driver Awareness course.  Public and private schools participate.

Many government agencies, academic institutions and private and public companies have helped the volunteers at BRAKE develop the innovative BRAKE Driver Awareness program. These organisations also provide the vital ongoing assistance and support we need to deliver this program into schools.

Department of Education

 Queensland schools began teaching BRAKE Driver Awareness in 2006.  BRAKE is taught in school hours by normal teachers who have been trained in presenting the coursework. 

 Both public and private schools have seen the value in the BRAKE program and to date, over 160 schools have participated. About 500 Queensland teachers have taken 60,000 students through the BRAKE successfully.

Queensland Police Service

The Queensland Police Service supported the BRAKE concept from the beginning, and that support continues today.  In fact, the former Police Commissioner, Mr Bob Atkinson, personally presented some of the courses to students at Park Ridge High School.


BRAKE founder and CEO, Rob Duncan, is a serving Queensland police officer.

Queensland Ambulance Service

The BRAKE curriculum was developed by Steve Allan, a serving Queensland Ambulance officer who has won several commendations for his work.  He has been a senior training officer with QAS.  The QAS remains a strong supporter of BRAKE.

Queensland Fire & Emergency Services

As one of the emergency services that must respond to car crash scenes, the Queensland Fire & Emergency Services understands the need for proper driver awareness training.  The Service is a strong supporter of BRAKE and often sends representatives to training programs and special events.

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

BRAKE complies fully with the educational guidelines for the TMR on road safety education.  TMR have been strong supporters of the BRAKE initiative, offering both departmental support and grant funding.

In the past two years, fourteen schools have recieved TMR Community Road Safety Grants to fully fund BRAKE courses for their Year 11 students.


The Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q) is a research centre established in 1996. It is based at the Kelvin Grove campus of the Queensland University of Technology.

The academic researchers at CARRS-Q helped BRAKE develop the initial educational framework for the courseware and have assisted by providing the latest research data to the team, so it can be incorporated into the program.