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The facilities required to present a BRAKE course are generally available in most schools, community centres and sports clubs.

Conference Room or Class Room

  • Seating in a semicircle, facing front.
  • Lecture chairs are ideal, otherwise a seat and small table.
  • Conference seating also acceptable.
  • Rooms should have blinds or curtains, as some of the video material is a bit dark, and all participants need to be able to see it clearly.


The BRAKE courseware has been designed using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. It can be run on Windows PC’s and Apple Macs.

  • BRAKE software materials
  • BRAKE curriculum manual
  • Toy gorilla (one per 10-15 participants)
  • Printed materials – one set per participant, plus a couple of spares
  • Spare pens for participants who didn’t bring any

Multimedia projector or electronic whiteboard

Your computer should be able to connect to a projector or large screen TV visible from all seats in the room. Sound is used by some of the video clips so you will need to connect your computer to a speaker system.