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By successfully completing a Brake course, students gain vaulable points

The Brake Driver Awareness Course has been formally recognised by the Queensland Studies Authority through awarding students one QCE point when they successfully complete the eight part Brake course.

Last year more than 500 students boosted their academic entry scores.  Brake now has over 50 schools participating in the innovative Driver Education courses.

“Around 50% of the Gold Coast Schools are now teaching the Brake program to year 11 students,” said Belinda Duncan. 

Belinda is the Queensland Enrolment Officer for Brake and also personally oversees schools in the new Logan area. Logan schools started coming on-board last year when the Board of the Bendigo Community Bank in Logan made a donation of $40,000 to Brake.  “This allowed us to fund a coordinator to train teachers in the best way to teach the Brake course. “

“Brake is a very interactive course,” said the Brake Educational Design Manager, Steve Allan,

“We present information using advanced multimedia techniques, but the most important part of teaching Brake is to get the students to engage.  We want them to talk about their experiences and thoughts”.

The Bendigo Community Bank funding also allowed Brake to put in place computer based student management systems. “”Brake is a charity,” said founder and CEO Rob Duncan. 

“We want every young adult going through High School to have access to our courses because we know that they change the way approach driving.”