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Six steps to success

BRAKE has been successfully implemented in a number of Queensland council regions over the past three years. The implementation of BRAKE in a community follows a fairly standard pattern.

Here are the six steps to success.
  1. A community based organization or corporation agrees to act as sponsor for the community;
  2. BRAKE appoints a coordinator for the community using the funds provided by the sponsor;
  3. The BRAKE coordinator talks with schools that have students who will benefit from BRAKE training;
  4. Schools then engage with the BRAKE coordinator to receive teacher training and begin offering courses;
  5. The BRAKE coordinator then arranges evening meetings with community groups where the BRAKE principles are explained. This is to build local support and understanding for students undertaking courses;
  6. The school and the BRAKE coordinator arrange for parents meeting, where the fundamentals of the BRAKE course are outlined.

Wherever the BRAKE program has been taught, schools and their communities have welcomed the effects that BRAKE has had on increasing the awareness of young adults that the most dangerous time on the road for young drivers is the first few years of driving.