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Online managment of the BRAKE Driver Awareness courses


The BRAKE Online System for managing high school classes (BOS) has received funding from the Queensland’s Transport and Main Roads department to make the application mobile friendly.

BRAKE CEO Rob Duncan announced that the $25,000 grant will enable the BOS application to work more effectively on mobile devices.
The BOS management system is designed to work on all forms of computer devices

“Mobile devices are becoming more and more important in today’s world, particularly for students,” Mr Duncan said. “We want students to be able to log in and manage their accounts, do online quizzes and surveys using their mobile devices.”

BRAKE has been working with software developer Info-Onscreen to develop the BRAKE course management system which the developers at Info-Onscreen have named “The BOS”.

Info-Onscreen’s CEO, Mr Peter Smith said, “BOS currently manages all aspects of the BRAKE Driver Awareness courses using a web interface. We will be able to make selected parts of this functionality work well on mobile devices so that BOS is accessible to teachers and students on the move.”

Mr Duncan thanked the Queensland Government for its support of the program and recent funding.

“We have developed an eight part training program that has been approved for use in all Queensland High Schools,” Duncan said. “It has been running in over 120 schools and has 450 teachers certified to teach the course.

BRAKE is a registered charity and is run by volunteers. It has the support of Education Queensland and Queensland Studies Authority as well the Queensland Police Service and the Queensland Ambulance Service.

The BRAKE Driver Awareness course uses world’s best practice educational techniques that have been proven effective in communicating the skills that are required to become a safe and effective driver and the special risks that young drivers are exposed to in the first years of driving.

“BRAKE has proven very popular in schools because it is taught as part of the normal curriculum by normal teachers in a peer group familiar to the students,” said Rob Duncan.

“Allowing students and teachers to access key parts of our management and training system will be an important part of our strategy going forward,” he said.