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Bob Atkinson Joins BRAKE

Former Queensland Commissioner of Police gets behind the BRAKE initiative

The former Queensland Commissioner of Police, Mr Bob Atkinson, has joined the Board of BRAKE Driver Awareness Limited.

Mr Atkinson brings years of practical experience in dealing with road safety issues in Queensland and sees BRAKE as a force for good in the community.
Bob Atkinson supports the BRAKE driver awareness training methodology

“I was aware of Rob Duncan and the dedicated work of the entire BRAKE team when I was Commissioner,” said Mr Atkinson.

“The Queensland Police Service have been strong supporters of community based charities like BRAKE, who contributed so much of their free time as volunteers, working tirelessly to help reduce the tragic numbers of young people killed or traumatised by road crashes.”

“When I retired, I felt I would like to be able to assist Rob and the BRAKE team in achieving their goal of making BRAKE available to every senior school student in the State”.

Chairman of BRAKE, Mr Richard Ponsonby, welcomed the former Police Commissioner to the Board of BRAKE, saying, “Bob Atkinson understands that solving problems like the youth road death toll is an important task that requires both dedicated work at the coal face and getting the support of decision makers in the government and the bureaucracies.”

“We welcome Bob Atkinson to the BRAKE Board and look forward to working him to help the BRAKE Driver Awareness program better equip young adults with the knowledge and motivation to become safe drivers and responsible passengers,” said the BRAKE Chairman