In this radio interview, Dr Ingrid Johnston, CEO of the Australasian College of Road Safety, joins the show to discuss the rising road deaths on Australian roads.

Dr Johnston suggests that as a country we just accept that road trauma happens. However, when there is trauma from other forms of transport such as air, rail or boat, there is huge public attention and an in-depth investigation as to why it occurred and how it can be prevented. 

Yet, with road crashes it is just accepted. The Australian Transport Bureau is not able to conduct investigations into road trauma. She suggests that as a country we are not taking road trauma seriously.

All state governments have signed an agreement to reach a target of half the deaths by 2030 but no state is on track to achieve this target. 

Dr Johnston suggests introducing designated cyclists paths to separate cyclists from motorists which will improve safety, congestion and tensions.

Adam Jacobson and special guest Dr Ingrid Johnston, ABC Listen (July 25, 2023)

To finish the interview, Dr Johnston highlights that in the capital city of Norway, Oslo, they were able to achieve zero deaths on the road for an entire year and as a by-product of this, it created a calmer atmosphere on the road.

This demonstrates that achieving Australia’s goal of Vision Zero by 2050 is achievable.

To listen to the 11-minute interview, click here.